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Hi guys!
I am selling my Wolfman WR1 .94- bronze, basic polished, Darwin handle. Price 400 euro+ 10 euro shipping to Europe.
Can also ship over the ocean,just shoot me a message and we can discuss.
[Image: a4a57f87b3153b72175f998c3670ae7e.jpg][Image: b1c5613a05718b1337678a8051d01d95.jpg][Image: 8d4039a6b8835c5ee884b260318a697c.jpg][Image: 0427ab8100e7d2e1c48d13c8248a8ebe.jpg][Image: c1eafae1201c0c41f17b8a4e47f63f64.jpg][Image: 79568bb6a6df97f222f92acd72bb16ff.jpg][Image: 574a8a3b30e2c7fb3f7f70217e7d5611.jpg]

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Beautiful razor. GLWTS

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(02-29-2024, 12:35 PM)anomaly1985 Wrote: Beautiful razor. GLWTS
Thanks. Now it's SOLD

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Best to close the thread.  

go back to the original post open it up and change where you put wanted to sell to sold.

You have to do this through full edit.

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