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Kind day, gentlemen!
I offer to sale of WR1 0,74 of Solid Bar.
The second-hand head of times 6 at most, the handle new, I didn't use from the moment of purchase.
There is everything that was upon purchase. Bonus pack of edges of Feather.
The price of $410, delivery is included in cost.
Sending from Russia.
Payment of PayPal. SOLD

[Image: gHHumUq.jpg]

[Image: kCxfB6J.jpg]

[Image: O5iXjiT.jpg]

[Image: lZ9M2ns.jpg]

[Image: 5FbWGgt.jpg]

[Image: i5XoHxL.jpg]

[Image: dL3P0BN.jpg]

Thank you.

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Suum cuique

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All thanks. SOLD.
Suum cuique

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