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For your consideration is the first bronze WR4 sold. I won the auction. You can have the authenitication note from James Wink

WRH7XL/3 solid hybrid handle...a WRA1 stand...and the blades.

This is the only razor in the format I've used. I used this one 3 or 4 times, just not for me. I'm a DE guy for sure.

MSRP approx $1050usd. Take the bundle, shipped, insured....$950.
[Image: bda52b293fd96cbabaff913377eb5486.jpg][Image: e04e305524b9c206a2defcb1c63665cd.jpg][Image: bedccd2da5be5ba23a1b0db262b32665.jpg][Image: 87061eeaf98af8ec5149cdd56e9ddd7b.jpg]

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