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Hello Gents, 

It is time for me to move some stuff along and I'll probably regret selling this one... Up for sale is a Wald J3 that has only been used 4x and was well cared for, not a single scratch or scuff in sight. This J3 has a slightly more rounded knot than any other of my J3's and is just a lovely knot. Feel free to PM me for any more pics or questions. 

$410 shipped CONUS only. SOLD!

[Image: BWXsPCY.jpg][Image: UsLjC64.jpg][Image: wf99bnD.jpg][Image: OfpDY8d.jpg]

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Feel free to make me a reasonable offer if interested.
I would also consider trading for a slightly used J2.
Weekend bump!
How robust is the backbone?
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I’ll let Pete chime in, because he’s a Wald aficionado, but to me the J3 backbone is similar to a B13 or B16, Varlet HD, or Allen Long Reserve IV if that helps

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Thank you!

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