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This is a fantastic brush! Very dense with natural soft hairs. Selling just because I’m looking to make room in the den. I am also willing to throw in a brand new limited edition Oumo Atlantis brush with a 27mm ST-1 knot. Roughly $135 dollar value included on top. The hair in this brush is great as well. Like an in between Muhle STF and Wald A1.

Voigt is 28mm



Willing to ship international if you pay for shipping.

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Could you say what size the knot is? Also, I am not seeing the asking price in the post?

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Hey rocket sorry about that! I went ahead and put the price in there now. I have it set at $250 with the Oumo ST-1 being free if you purchase it.

Knot size is 28mm at least but I would say it feels bigger with how dense it is.

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