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Hello Damn Fine Shave Members,

Offering these two as a pair for a wonderful price. I got the Vie Long from a member on TSN for $100 and the Semogue was also bought from a member on TSN for around $80 if my memory serves correct.

$105 shipped CONUS via Paypal payment, and to be clear, yes, you are encouraged to pay via goods and services for your purchase protection.

I will send you link of USPS tracking after taken to the Post Office and give you the estimated shipping arrival date they print on the receipt.

Go ahead and PM that you are interested or need a question answered about the knots. If someone wants to take the offer within the next 12 hours of the post's tie right now, I will throw in 30 blades and 5 soaps which I can disclose before shipping.

Thank you for taking a look and happy to pass these along to their next great owner.

My best regards,


Vie Long

Knot Diameter - 24.4mm

Loft Height - 51.7mm


Knot Diameter - 25mm

Loft Height - 55mm

[Image: rAfP3pS.jpg][Image: K7qoO7N.jpg][Image: mhrcWt5.jpg][Image: VIx1eKl.jpg][Image: t6Ns9yf.jpg][Image: 7PAdW2q.jpg][Image: yHcoinn.jpg][Image: qL3jZa4.jpg][Image: Q0tbVvw.jpg]
Thanks for letting me list here. Sold on another forum. Cheers DFS!

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