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I've been listing a few nice brushes lately to fund some other items, but this one is definitely the top of the heap. To be honest, I never thought I'd sell it, but it's too big for me and I'm in a phase of clearing out things that don't get used very often. So....

Offered is a beautiful Simpson brush from the renowned Somerset era, a Chubby 3 'Extra Super' brush. Extra Supers were the first Manchurian brushes, originally created for Enchante at Charles Roberts request. They were soon renamed "Manchurian", as the special badger hair supposedly came from the colder climate of Manchuria. The "extra" referred to both the quality and quantity of hair (as you can see in the photos). It is a huge brush, and also extremely rare. I'm told this is one of only two ever made. The knot is 31mm diameter, with a 61mm loft. It has enough backbone for building lather with hard soaps but has extremely soft, natural white hair tips. Comes in original box. I am asking what I paid for it originally, which is $600 shipped CONUS. Considering the rarity and historical significance, I think that is a very fair price.

[Image: YpjFMeC.jpg]
[Image: vKZ3nEG.jpg][Image: A8YOjzz.jpg]

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Hallo, is it still available or is it gone???
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(12-04-2022, 08:41 PM)Gianguido D'Anna Wrote: Hallo, is it still available or is it gone???

Still available

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Sold! Thanks DFS and member!

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