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Unfortunately I have to let go of these two beautiful brushes. My loss is your gain as these don't show up often.  There is no need to provide any details regarding the quality of either one of these brushes; everyone here knows. Both present as new.  The Varlet was from the August release and I acquired it in a trade with a very respected member here. It has a 27 mm knot. As I understand it, the Low Light Ebony Gas Lamp was a one off. Both come with original packaging.
I'm asking 300.00 USD shipped for the Varlet and 280.00 USD for the Jefferson.  No trades please.

[Image: zQyYwX6.jpg]
[Image: WUsVYz2.jpg]
[Image: 9XVLEcm.jpg]
[Image: JMMhZjB.jpg]
[Image: EK5O4Me.jpg]
[Image: HPhH0mo.jpg]
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Pm sent for the Varlet
Varlet is sold pending funds.
Both brushes have sold.

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