Philadelphia, PA
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hi all,

up for sale is the Rex Konsul Adjustable DE Slant, old school soap & aftershave that was passed around DFS.

$275 shipped

[Image: b7p0wfk.jpg]

[Image: IEcpSpi.jpg]

[Image: QWbv2Yu.jpg]

[Image: CqIX6nn.jpg]

[Image: jBeUbxJ.jpg]

[Image: bzZNBGJ.jpg]

[Image: zXqrSo0.jpg]

[Image: vXE19xA.jpg]

[Image: t8sCIJ4.jpg]

[Image: 7yHDHvY.jpg]

[Image: 9o21yEa.jpg]

[Image: 98M9bPq.jpg]

[Image: 2HyjSYV.jpg]

[Image: CfukEFT.jpg]

[Image: DWFdeOU.jpg]

[Image: XC0CybY.jpg]

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