Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
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Available for trade or sale are two large UFO razor handles.  Both are in excellent condition, with virtually no signs of use, and both come with the certificates of authenticity and original containers.  They are just too large and heavy for me to use now.  I am willing to entertain offers of multiple smaller UFO handles or Triad handles.  Feel free to make other offers; I'll consider them, but I really don't need other razors, brushes, or software.

First is a stainless steel Tornado, 85mm long, 15mm diameter, 103g weight.  It has slightly less grip but more gloss than other comparably sized UFO handles such as the Goliath.  It is mirror polished.  Will sell for $229 shipped CONUS.
[Image: 8sns6vI.jpg][Image: 7chPk3u.jpg][Image: MMY6Yo0.jpg][Image: 9KiWeXe.jpg][Image: LHKdH3F.jpg][Image: X0nYUjt.jpg]

And second is a titanium Grand Titan L, 90mm long, 20mm diameter, 109g weight.  It has a new aristocrat knurling, wider to complement the handle size.  It is ideal for those who want a large handle, but one with a moderate weight because of its construction with titanium rather than stainless steel.  Will sell for $229 shipped CONUS.
[Image: 1Bu9Uz2.jpg][Image: UKaWBVG.jpg][Image: mGko66i.jpg][Image: 0kmlcM8.jpg][Image: zwJsIqN.jpg][Image: xvlsRhE.jpg]

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