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All Sold

Includes free shipping to the US and a Bonus Item

** SOLD ** Timeless Bronze Solid Bar .38 with Scalloped Cap. Amazing quality and incredibly efficient.
Throwing in a DE straight razor. A fun and easy way to try straight razor shaving. Uses 1/2 of a DE blade.

[Image: 1058fcef4dfbfbe35edf5d8ca67a8815.jpg]

[Image: 6aa4c311cae8c0c0f57dd226f28902ab.jpg]

[Image: 1c8872f2ed7c1fdfa7f7759c008d02ac.jpg]

[Image: d570d6ff5e16a889565e3c858536b146.jpg]

[Image: a52eb58e1514706813ee88e81e51c8cc.jpg]

Karve with D plate and perfectly balanced 3” handle. I carefully hand polished this razor with MAAS polish and a microfiber cloth. Pictures don’t do it justice. Looks stunning in person! Includes a nearly new tin of WSP Barbershop (Tallow Formula).

[Image: 88957e9b73fa7765b7e99bc20fb6e2ed.jpg]

[Image: cd769216f1e0851c8b90a8b5be98ad97.jpg]

[Image: 75680650f81b05285e00d7405d726b2d.jpg]

[Image: 2a3e02d3d441c73430260d85a3e06a75.jpg]

[Image: 72d11794bc43ffa45bd69d18b040a9fc.jpg]

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Williamsburg, KY
Best wishes on the sale. Sad I missed the Timeless

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These are extremely good deals. Good luck!
(03-17-2019, 12:16 AM)CCity Wrote: These are extremely good deals. Good luck!


I will also sell the Karve by itself for $85 or possibly trade for a mint Blackland Dart

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