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Hello all!

Looking to sell Tatara Muramasa Adjustable Safety Razor in mint condition. The razor was used only few times. I paid $389 for this razor. Asking $369 shipped Conus and payment via PayPal.

Thanks for looking!

[Image: 51YdRxE.jpg][Image: LVElvE8.jpg][Image: MAZc2CM.jpg][Image: m75JY0M.jpg]

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A very, very good razor. Someone will be lucky. This is one of the few razors I haven’t let go. GLWTS.
It’s a very good tool indeed. A keeper for sure.
Thank you! 
Agree, it is a wonderful razor. I have used it mostly at 3 and 3.5 setting.

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Redwood City
Any interest in trading for a new blackbird Ti?

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Sorry, it would be too aggressive for me. Would be willing to trade with Tatara Masamune SB.
PM sent.
Sold, Thank you!

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