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Full set of the sold out Tatara Masamune razor.  Beautiful razor and set.  No blemishes or issues.  Comes with the wood box vs the cork box they use now.  Both plates, stand and razor.  

Shipping CONUS included.  International ok but buyer pays the cost. Pm me with questions.

Asking $270

[Image: c4d2a4e9381ce643b86ae59203c5a2b8.jpg]
[Image: 90c64cd60788af3f69bba85dc5b3b2ff.jpg][Image: cde604878fd95c267ef112aba365f308.jpg][Image: eb6765fab4c058aaade28d0edccd344d.jpg][Image: a059790385be4db24e1a5b9c4da447cb.jpg]

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