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Dear DFShavers,

I would like to offer these three excellent soaps for sale (prices include CONUS delivery):

Tallow + Steel Classic, lathered 2 times - $26 now $22, or in exchange for T+S  Grog,

MWF new in ceramic container - $23 now $20

LPL with Honey, lathered 2 times - $24 SOLD!

Please send me a PM if interested.

Best regards,

[Image: jTbQ4jO.jpg]

Austin, TX
Hey Alex, great luck with the sale. Are you prices shipped CONUS?
Hey Kevin,

Thanks a lot for your message! The prices include CONUS shipping. Will edit my original post shortly.

Best regards,
I'll take the LPL Honey
LPL Honey is sold!
Price reduction

Nashville, TN
I'll take the Mitchell's, pm about to be sent
All sold pending funds

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