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The Stirling stainless steel razors are sold out (forever?) maybe.  This is the original batch that was suppose to be made in the USA but the machine shop tried to fool Rod by etching these on the bottom plate made in USA. Actually they were made to perfection in China out of 316 stainless steel and polished fantastic. Rod had another batch made in the USA & sold them out about two years ago. So I am selling the last of the last with the word made in USA etched OUT. These were recently sold by Rod.
This comes with the ST plate (Standard) and shaves in my opinion 6,7/10. The handle is called "Dallas" and grip wise wonderful. The shave is perfect easily completed in two passes.

Grab it for $80 $70 which includes USA shipping

[Image: TKQ5EhS.jpg]

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Gents, have no fear that this was machined in China. I have the same razor but with a different handle, and it is really great quality.
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expert shaver
Still available.

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expert shaver
Price decrease

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