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Spring has sprung, 
Enjoy the new season with a new scent (or possibly an extra backup). All prices include CONUS shipping with tracking.

Note: No brush or water has touched these soaps.

Aion Skincare - Vetiver 5 oz (98% remaining estimated) 
Only lightly scooped for a handful of sessions.
$27 25 [SOLD]

Martin de Candre - Vetyver 200g (99% remaining estimated)
A classic vetiver in a soap format that seems to last forever. Includes original packaging.
$47 [SOLD]

House of Mammoth - Alive soap 4 oz (unused) (2 1 0 jar available, 2 sold)
An excellent base with a refreshing and invigorating scent that's perfect for the spring season.
$19 [SOLD]

House of Mammoth - Alive aftershave 4 fl oz (unused) 
Why not make it a matching set with the Alive soap?
$19 [SOLD]

[Image: bZPcygQ.png]

[Image: zpuw6Gq.png]

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1 jar of Alive soap and the Alive aftershave are sold. Thank you DFS member!

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I am planning to list the remaining items on an additional forum, later this evening. Just thought I would provide a friendly weekend bump in case a DFS member was contemplating one of the listed items.

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House of Mammoth Alive - Sold

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Remaining items sold

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