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Selling this lot all as one complete lot for $55 shipped conus. I have the oz listed and the number in the parentheses is the actual current weight including the tub or container that it is in.

The Windy City 8oz (10.4)
The Captain 8oz (8.8)
Patchouli, Elemi, Citrus 5oz (4.8)
Fougere 5oz (7.5)
1920's Barbershop 3.5oz (5.7)

Aftershave balms:
1920's Barbershop 2oz (3)
1920's Barbershop 2oz (3)
1920's Barbershop 2oz (3)
The Captain 8oz (8.4)

[Image: IMG_20160801_173924_zpslixqkbwr.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20160801_174020_zpsgjsj12ug.jpg]
If you decide to split I would be interested in the 1920's Babershop ASB.
I'd like to still try to sell as one lot for now to not mess with shipping multiple times.

Lowered to $55 shipped.

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