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That was very quick!  Thank you DFS and buyer.

Selling 3 high quality "no issue" brushes. All brushes are in excellent condition and have been used very little. If you were to price a new Shavemac D01 3 Band in this configuration, the price would be well north of $250...so all 3 brushes for $225 is a pretty strong value.

Will ship CONUS only. Payment via Paypal is $225 for all three which will include USPS Priority shipping and tracking.

Shavemac D01 3 Band 30/55.  I purchased this from a forum member. Here is his information to me regarding the D01 3 Band.

"Handle is their 167 stuffed with D01 Extra Silvertip 3 band with a knot of 30mm and a fan loft of 55mm. I chose the Blue Marble color with red lettering and personalized it with what I've been called for years by my family "Papa Smurf".

The Rudy Vey Shavemac is 31.5/56 Silvertip with a 63 mm handle.  This is Rudy's AS3M handle. This brush is an overstuffed Silvertip. Berndt told Rudy that it's as dense as they could make it.

Thater 4125/3 in 2 Band Bulb. 28/56. Total height is 106mm.

[Image: zgB5hrJ.jpg]

[Image: xDUsZuJ.jpg]

[Image: emsKe10.jpg]
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