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Puma Solingen 69 6/8 Full Hollow Special Revisor + Wood Box

€ 450  plus shipping costs
(razor used 3 times, only for collectors)

This is a very rare Puma Revisor that was handmade and finished in Solingen, Germany, by the manufacturer Puma-Werk Lauterjung around 1964 or so. This Puma razor was purchased as a New Old Stock (NOS) in November 2017 by Revisor Solingen. The razors were originally made around 1964 and were kept in storage by Revisor in Germany until recently when they were polished and sharpened to make them ready for shaving.
The blade has a glossy mirror finish. Scales are inlaid with a silver inscription of an emblem of Puma's head. The blade benefits from real 24k gold plating with a banner with the words "High Class Puma" and the head of a puma. The tang is printed with "Made in Germany from the best Pumaster steel" on one side and on the back: "69 - 6/8 Puma Solingen".
The razor is supplied complete with a brown painted wooden(*) box that benefits from a Puma logo in inlaid silver.


Grind: Full Hollow
Size: 6/8
Scales: Black celluloid with silver inlay
Steel: Carbon, C-Steel

(*) The puma boxes were in dorofol, first produced in solingen by DUROFOL KG, J. Brangs & Co.
It is a laminated wood with a complete visible grain impregnated with phenolic resin, pressed at high temperatures ...
I don't think it can be considered wood but its derivation is a bit like formica

A clarification (for correctness): due to a misunderstanding occurred in the past on another Forum, I was
returned a razor not quite in the state in which I had shipped it and the buyer claimed that I shipped the razor
in that state.Too bad that on that forum the buyer was quite "known" for these performances.
Moral: I do not like and do not accept returns.

[Image: IPpvAi0.jpg][Image: IpZC6z0.jpg][Image: IZto3P5.jpg][Image: 4CuHyJR.jpg][Image: 6VvdDqh.jpg][Image: b4UdLkv.jpg][Image: BEh9AT4.jpg]

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