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Polished Blackbird w/OC plate and polished Stand. I also have a machined top cap & machined SB as well. Have used the OC 2x and the SB 2x. It’s a wonderful and efficient razor, I just don’t reach for it like it do my other razors, namely the vector. There is one small mark on the handle, and 2 on the stand. I would much prefer to move these together but will also price them separately

Priced new these would be over $420 ( not counting extra top cap)

Polished Blackbird and stand - $180 shipped
Machined SB/top cap - $90 shipped
Buy both and take for $260 shipped

Shipping CONUS included. Payment via PayPal.

[Image: 1e1c9e9437cbe3d595e1ed23bdfa0478.jpg]
[Image: d765a45a032415a27ae160d6829a8d26.jpg]
[Image: c565e758b6f612fa0bb21cc22cd30e41.jpg]
[Image: 7678bb4c63033b5163a5cd47d3f5fa0c.jpg]
[Image: 54dd53a9e60d1bf88eb3451de7e1387f.jpg]
[Image: c4dcdc80403b479be289d0c2467cd45f.jpg]
[Image: f319b496ebbfbe5bd5b056f0d070e070.jpg]
[Image: c2ae6b9af1f9b7d6111814c5d39bdd0d.jpg]
[Image: 3f47cc5f9e69a938f4f7c1d4bf755b53.jpg]

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SB and top cap sold.

Polished blackbird/stand & original box remaining. $180 shipped. Heck of a deal at over $300 retail

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Also willing to trade BB/stand for SS vector and stand

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