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Want to sell Paladin 28MM El Dorado Vesuvius CLSD5. A BEAUTIFUL brush used3x very soft tips with excellent backbone. I paid $260. Sale Price $210. Rex Ambassador adjustable razor O3 series. I paid $250. Sale Price $175. [Image: 00d9dda94239f7b10f5df8a2a3985930.jpg][Image: 17c26a267ef68c4c9a59085cf33a2764.jpg][Image: 47d30aa8b544a86c10b43a682812c449.jpg][Image: 97c0ee09500ea61f68c3b7ae1a77be66.jpg][Image: 1d80d326cf281e60f02a8675b0b68877.jpg][Image: 3389e7e5d852152aae05637c7382fa64.jpg][Image: fb46d6730ac5be35bef9dc00fcc98630.jpg]

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