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SOLD    NEW Leonidam Brushes.    Have never seen water.  They are part of a larger collection of brushes that I am liquidating.  Brushes have been placed in a cabinet for display purposes only.

All knots are 28mm.   Blue, Purple, Red (these 3 have been SOLD) brushes in a bulb knot.   Black brush with fan knot is also sold now still available.  Original purchase price of $275 US/each.  Posted previously for $125 US each. Now, re-posting with a DISCOUNTED PRICE of $100 US each, plus shipping cost.
Brushes can be shipped with tracking number to the US via USPS and Canada via Canada post.

[Image: oONZB6O.jpeg]
[Image: 1yWrtR4.jpeg]

[Image: yvb45ZL.jpeg][Image: XsqtQoi.jpeg]
[Image: AfR4fCU.jpeg][Image: mhn1Ryw.jpeg]

[Image: 4Al0cTG.jpeg][Image: kYOdHkh.jpeg]

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