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Another little unused pearl from my collection up for sale.

  As a collector, a large part of my brushes have never been used, but just remained collector's items as I have so many(too many) in my rotation. So therefore I've decided to sell off the unused ones. 
 This brush as it has never been used on my face but has only been cleaned with neutral shaving soap once at the time of purchase, and once before I put it up for sale here.
Like all my brushes, it has been stored in a closed cabinet, well protected from sunlight and heat.

 In other words, the brush is exactly like new, and of course there is not a scratch on it. 

 I bought this brush year 2017 with the handle custom made by Brad Sears according to my wishes. The loft is set at 48mm according to my request from Lee, as that's what I think suits best with this knot which I have in other M&F's I use.

Nowadays it's a bit hard to get ones hand on a new M&F as it seams that Lee has stepped back a bit and more. I heard that Brad will offer them "ready-made" on rare occasions but I think that will be on very rare occasions that. Sad but true, but Lee's work will always maintain its fine reputation. So here's one unused/new offered to someone who appreciates quality.


Payment with PayPal G&S
I send it very well padded and secured in bubble wrap in a smaller box(probably a Sears or a Simpsons) inside a then as well protected larger box.
I post it within two days from that the payment is registred on my PayPal. Trackable shipping from Sweden and for this I will ask for P&P $8 to USA. The cost for me is around $12 so that's fair for us all. I send to most of the world and adjust the P&P after where. That we discuss in PM if so.
 Ofcourse I will pack together if someone buy more then one thing from me. (I will have other things up for sale from today)

[Image: 6Wf2e6b.jpg]
[Image: a99osI9.jpg]
[Image: wDjR4xF.jpg]

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What a beauty!

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Surely is yes Ventastic. I wouldn't sell her if it weren't for that I have other L7's. The unused brushes goes first.

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