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I recently purchased a Leaf Twig razor. After trying it out, I've decided this isn't a razor for me. All of the (5?) trial blades should still be there (I didn't open the box). As seen in the picture, the packaging is all intact and  included.

I paid $75 ($59 + $16 for the stand). This razor has had one (1) single use. I'm asking $55 shipped CONUS.

Thanks for looking folks. Have a great day![Image: 083a2dec85a85e1eef40f6b0b0939e1f.jpg][Image: 837bc51c747e58351a987aaba28198e0.jpg][Image: 4e4ba0e634d5cdcb74c779b1dd65531f.jpg]

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Actually quite good body shaver for aerobic athletes and highly maneuverable razor for mowing down beard growth. Liked the passaround so much have already acquired one just like this

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SOLD. Thanks DFS![Image: giphy.gif?cid=349c9dd7e7a6k2012nq909jscy...y.gif&ct=g]

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Stink I missed it sitting here till Paul wanted to trade for one of my razors Tongue Conrats to the seller and buyer !
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