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Hello so I just bought a tatara from a kind fellow on another platform so I'm selling my Karve Stainless Steel to compensate for it. It comes with the SB-B & SB-C Plates and a 3.5" handle. It's in excellent condition although has some blade wax stains on the underside of top cap which can be washed off and I'd be happy to do that before shipping it out. In my experience, the B Plate is a great daily shaver being very smooth and fairly efficient for a mild plate. I find the C Plate to be pretty middle of the road, both smooth and efficient and great for every other day shaving or more. Thanks!

Looking to get $173 for it Shipped CONUS
I will split G&S fee with you so you pay $2.50

Pics: ht tp://imgur.com/a/WfnXQ3o (remove space to view pics)

BUMP Still available!

Southern US
What metal? Brass, SS, Al, plastic?

Just Here for the Shaves
Williamsburg, KY
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(03-05-2020, 01:21 AM)Whisk-her Away Wrote: What metal? Brass, SS, Al, plastic?
Says Karve SS right in the title....... Rolleyes

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Lol. Updated it to make it more clear cause it could be easy to miss.

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SOLD on another platform. Please archive. Thanks!

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