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This is a full shaving system to cover all your shaving needs. Selling because I got the SS and don't use these anymore. This is the 3.5" long handle that comes with the daily shaver kit.

This is a great way to incrementally increase aggression as your blade dulls, which adds another fun dimension to shaving as the blade becomes smoother and smoother with use

Selling price: $170 $165 $160 shipped CONUS

[Image: fQ9xmi5.jpeg]

[Image: b0IPPCU.jpg]

[Image: mfjTaSC.jpeg]

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Bump reduced to $165 shipped

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What a steal.....................someone buy this and save my marriage !!!!!

Kidding about the marriage of course Cool

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Fantastic deal for one of my favorite razors.
Bumping Big Grin
Bump price drop. Folks this a steal at this point
Please archive

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(12-05-2020, 11:37 PM)Aultmore Wrote: Please archive

You know how to close your listing, right?

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Aultmore please do it yourself: https://damnfineshave.com/thread-sticky-...d-or-found

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