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Hi, hope everyone is well!

I am looking to sell my Wolfman WR1 .61 standard gap (mirror polish) DE razor. Please refer to the pics as this razor is essentially brand new, as it’s only been used one time! I’m asking $750 for this razor which is exactly what I paid for it brand new from a coworker. I accept PayPal and will pay shipping in the US (if outside the US I will ask for some help with shipping costs which we can discuss). If interested please message me! 

Btw, apologies for the previous attempt at posting this, I accidentally hit send when it wasn’t ready so apologize for confusion and inconvenience!

[Image: ak4Tf5J.jpg][Image: 5uVVD9l.jpg]

[Image: OoyuOqj.jpg][Image: yQvN7r4.jpg][Image: gshtmvd.jpg][Image: hpa0EUp.jpg][Image: YOOsLzi.jpg]

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