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Hello Everyone,

A few items up for sale today. Prices include shipping ConUS.

Chatillon Lux Lamplight Penance Shaving Soap from Declaration Grooming & Post-Shave Toner - $55 SOLD

This soap and toner are both new/never used. 

O.R.E.N Occam's Razor with all original accessories. Included is a pack of Feather ProGuard blades (I believe there are 10+ blades left in the pack and a few blades from Try A Blade. - $105 SOLD

This razor has been gently used with no visible wear.

Thank you!!

Nathan[Image: oktOpyH.jpeg][Image: tfb155y.jpeg][Image: fAJsris.jpeg][Image: VSpdfOb.jpeg]

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Razor sold!
All items sold! Please archive

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