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[Image: OHnSJQW.jpg][Image: 2MX42DX.jpg][Image: 5ymSeVh.jpg][Image: oUfWELY.jpg][Image: cvE1S0y.jpg]Hope everyone is well.

I’m seeking to sell an essentially brand new (only used one time) Charcoal Goods brass razor, level 3, with a dual comb (getting both the straight bar and the open comb) in bright brass finish. I paid $225 for the razor brand new/retail.... And with this razor being unavailable/no longer made and only used one time, I’m asking to sell the razor for $220.

I can’t stress how great these Charcoal Goods razors are (in fact the level 2 is probably my favorite razor out of many high end razors in my den)... The only reason why I’d even consider parting with this razor is because I already have the level 2 and the level 3 is just a bit aggressive for daily shaving for my sensitive skin.

If interested please message me. I accept PayPal and will pay shipping costs within the US (if you reside outside of the US, I will ask for help paying the shipping costs which we can discuss). Message me if interested.

Thank you,
Justin (Carryonsteadynow)

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Sorry guys, had some initial trouble posting this for some reason, had to edit some things, but should be good now.

New Mexico USA
Pm sent

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Razor sold. Thank you guys!

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