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Dear Fellow DFShavers,

It is time for me to part with my most aggressive ATT razor. Manufactured in 2015, this razor was barely used, because I was trying to figure out which ATT modification would work best. The R1 was the one, so my H1 will have to go.

I did my best polishing the top cap's top surface and the baseplate.

I am asking $128 to move the razor quickly.

Please PM me if interested.

Best regards,
[Image: 6T44T8s.jpg]
[Image: twcyOFz.jpg]
[Image: IvW55Pq.jpg]
[Image: JQzfpcM.jpg]

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Does that include the handle? FYI an Atlas S2 sold this morning for $115
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It does include a Kronos handle and an original box and a puck of vintage Williams.

That polished head looks fantastic Alex. GLWTS
Thank you!

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