New York
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All Sold! thanks folks.  Smile

For sale, CONUS only ...

A J4 Gillette Slim (1964). It is in good working condition with all of the adjustments working as they should and the quarter turn locking solidly. Shows some brassing, but (IMO) in pretty good condition for a 60 year old razor.

Also included, a 26mm Zenith boar brush with an off-white plastic handle. This brush has been used twice, and received a lot of break-in lathers. It is very close to being completely broken in. Alas, it is too big for me - having a bloom more like a 28mm, imo.

Finally, a 26mm Dscosmetic g7 galaxy brush. Fairly soft tips with a little scritchy fibers. As I prefer super soft brushes (Synbad, Cashmere), this one didn't work for me.

For the lot I'm asking $40 shipped CONUS.[Image: 074aac36cf7ffc1adf3ec1ebbc6a0569.jpg][Image: b753cf9cd9bd07b8d4c086f545662364.jpg][Image: bf37fcaab370e9c18ea2c844f9b7eade.jpg][Image: 1cac4726b2f1d4743f80e368c618be15.jpg][Image: 30409fe00a879d6ed992c9b6bce69095.jpg][Image: f01f018bf8f5e1cdee06434875fbdddf.jpg]

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New York
A few more pictures, now that we have a little bit of daylight (it's overcast).

Hopefully these better show the details.[Image: 730efcdd34fe2d2e9f5d19b2df04b082.jpg][Image: 2666c72b39231e69b3da0bf0c6c86e92.jpg][Image: b22d0c2d744baea0ecd80b9635abd7e1.jpg][Image: d0b5d7c4724d5a2ce9fc9dedd2b3b142.jpg][Image: 58761b31a203b63330bc6ef9b3db4e9f.jpg][Image: 84136ed5d37d28059a6d963abb2da770.jpg]

New York

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