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Add $4 shipping for 1 item/set, $7 for two or more CONUS

A&E Black Birch Stout (100%+, two used tubs combined 5oz soap) - $20 SOLD
Grooming Dept Soap (used 2x) - $16 SOLD
Summer Break International Studies (soap scooped 1x) - $30
T+S West Indies (90%) - $30 SOLD
THB Tangerine Creeper soap (85%) - $20 SOLD
Dr Jon Tangerine Dream splash (new) - $16 SOLD
Maol/Cutting Edge Heliopteris set (used 3x) - $30 SOLD

B&M Seville set + EdT (excelsior, 90%) - $45 SOLD

Large sample lot - $25 (less than $1 per item) SOLD

Everything to the left of the SV aftershave samples (every standard issue scent) is unused. Includes: B&M Reserve Lavender soap & splash, Reserve Fern soap, Sunny Day soap and splash, DG TSM Fougere, THB Jeckyl & Hyde, CB Creme de Menthe 

Everything to the left of the SV samples has varying degrees of use. The splashes are more used than the soaps. Many of the soaps have only been used once. 

The lot weighs almost 2 lbs. 

[Image: Bh9G6CK.jpg]

[Image: NRJhNzA.jpg]

[Image: 0dt8tpS.jpg]

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Bump. I’ll pay for shipping for anything purchased this weekend.

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