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Another round of Den clearing. Shipping from FPO $5 flat rate.

Eufros Fougere(~60%) & Jabonman Vetiver Citricos(~40%)-$18
Grooming Dept Magnolia used 5x-$14
Jeeves of Hudson Street Rich Man(~90%)-$10
Dr. Jon’s Aphrodite- Received in trade, I haven’t used, came looking a little melted-$8
Le Pere Lucien(~90%)-$14-SOLD
PannaCrema San Francesco(~90%)-$6
Cold River Soap Works Select Le Chypre Sombre(~90%)-$8-SOLD
Tiki Bar 1920’s Barbershop Splash used 1x-$10

Open to trades-Make me an offer.
Shipping from FPO $5 flat rate to US addresses.
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Updated prices.
LPL and CRSW Sold.

Take the rest for $50 shipped.
Prices updated. Take what is left for $45 shipped.

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