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All prices include shipping and G&S fee. Im pricing everything at 50%ish off. Take everything remaining in the posting for $100 shipped

A&E Kaizen 2 lot - 2 sets and 1 soap - 75$ $70 shipped (I paid 120 with shipping when everything was in stock)
Khalifa jar is prone to breakage. I will shrink and bubble wrap. 1 scoop taken from novelist, 2 scoops from Pedro. Khalifa new. 

ADP oud. Awesome scent. - Includes original packaging- 2 weeks old, and 2 sprays less than 100%. $105 shipped (I paid 150 with coupons)

Acrylic "abalone" shave bowl and synthetic brush - Artisan is TheCaYuenWorkshop. 55$ for both ( retail is 90ish I don't remember)

Fragrance lot- sprayed 2-3 times each basically 100%. AS used once. - Mont Blanc Explorer, Armaf Club De Nuit Intense, CK Eternity AS. 65$ $60 shipped. (I paid $112 using coupons) 

Samples are unused. Pick one soap sample per lot. First two sales each get the HLS AS sample. Thank you 
AE hipster, AE barbiere, BM Petrichor remain

EDIT: forgot about the Moon Amaretto balm. First sale that wants it gets it for free. 90% full 

[Image: LmT3eil.jpg]
[Image: DQ01U0y.jpg]
[Image: cNddoIB.jpg]
[Image: ibqpYuC.jpg]
[Image: UIq6xq0.jpg]
[Image: mJMTfeH.jpg]
[Image: oBnFrZF.jpg]

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ADP sold
bowl/ brush sold. more price drops
all sold. thank you all.

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