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Selling as a lot to reduce shipping cost.

$40 shipped

-RazorRock 4 piece open comb (new) w/ Astra tuck

-Derby City Shave Tonic (50ml). Bottle has flow restrict

-Fine Fresh Vetiver (new, original

-Billy Jealousy 3 piece kit (new)

-CRSW Moderne Vetiver (I shattered the puck trying to press it. It spun badly. Used 5x)

-Poraso Green (original green tub broke, I pressed into an empty XXX tub. Used 8x)

-Bay Rum AS (from a local farmers market. Witch hazel base.

I tried to point to the fluid level in each picture

I'll ship no later than Monday.

[Image: 008397e9ac8704a3d23958d4a5384fcd.jpg][Image: 31e72640d89071a7c422817db3a2d3ad.jpg][Image: 17e6a1df9c3ac057481755d36fd50d62.jpg][Image: 400b1ac9ab99f6de1ea6f59d32228c80.jpg][Image: 068a2f4e0645df1f0017ddb3cad171de.jpg][Image: 9c41c84000f41d8de1fb238c542ec38a.jpg][Image: ccd0eca93c0a6745123a58c1f4770474.jpg][Image: 9e3cfd563772161d38c059a444c50f90.jpg][Image: a3d4f0d78e2b9564996763b20e56a36d.jpg]

Stil for sale ?

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Let me check if I still have all the items when I get home tonight. I think I still have everything.

For some reason I thought I deleted this...
I'm interested if you have all items
I sent you a pm

Is this still for sale?

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