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$115 Shipped within the USA

This is all going into one box and will not be broken up, so please don't ask for one specific item.
Percentages given are all estimates, times I have used a product are definate.
Thanks for looking.

RazoRock-Blue Fougere 90%
Jabonman/Eufros-TSN 2018 unused
Esbjerg-Grapefruit 90%
Esbjerg-Verbana 90%
T&H-Grafton scooped once
N.O.-The Noir Et Vanille unused
N.O.-Nectar Amissa used twice
N.O.-Barrbarr used twice
B&M-LLC used 4 times

Fine-Fresh Vetiver 1/3 remains
Fine-Platinum a little under 2/3 remains
B&M-LLC used 4 times
T&S-West Coast IPA unused

Fine 20mm synthetic brush used

10pk Polsilver Iridium Supers
5pk Super Max
10pk Gillette 7oclock
10pk Vidyut
1 Vintage nos Personna 74 Tungsten
5 Personna Blue
[Image: lgLpaer.jpg][Image: yfTq44i.jpg][Image: bVAh5g6.jpg][Image: FJDvrUa.jpg][Image: sigNrRN.jpg][Image: QBCSH9N.jpg][Image: kUwR26O.jpg]

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Now THAT is a deal! Someone please buy this before I buy soap I don’t need. GLWTS.

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