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Making space for some incoming items so I offer the following Soap Lot.  Was $35 shipped (was $40) CONUS:

1. Le Pere Lucien Special Edition Vetiver Bourbon. 200g size, 95% remaining.  Not available new but his regular soaps of size retail for $38.99

2. Le Pere Lucien Cedre - Patchouli. 200g size which has had a large sample scooped out.  I estimate 65+% remaining, see photo. Retail $38.99

3. RazoRock P.160, 125 ml/4.2 oz. size. Lathered twice. $5.99 New

4. Italian Barber Rosa di Bossolasco, 125 ml/4.2 oz size. Lathered once. $3.99 New

[Image: RBVDSFb.jpg]

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Price Drop: Soap lot now $35 Shipped CONUS.

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If someone is interested in either of the LPL soaps individually, shoot me a PM.
Also willing to do $30. Shipped CONUS for just the 2 LPL soaps.

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