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1. Cold River Soap Works 'Spiced Amber V2'. 3.5 oz in tin

2. Men's Soap Company 'Himalayan'. 2.0 oz puck

3. Tabac 4.6 oz puck

4. Samples of the following (in small screw top containers):

Caties Bubbles 'Oceans Grove'
Soap Commander 'Motivation'
Captains Choice 'Lime'
Chiseled Face 'Banana'
Chiseled Face 'Cryogen'

Selling as a lot only please. Some trades considered (WSP Soaps, Chiseled Face Soaps, Cold River, Fine Soaps or Aftershave).

$29 firm

Price includes USPS Priority Shipping to anywhere in the USA

[Image: 19777416fabb3a9fc674969a0fca2da3.jpg]

[Image: 1b840677a5303417257b6e175ffdb95c.jpg]

[Image: 6c7e0c1b1c61b4ae102e06910f30a0f0.jpg]

[Image: 542fa42b1fa6f1baac6cffe923b0fb89.jpg]

[Image: efe489f9e04d6dd46d7f2dd688bdbe4f.jpg]

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Some interest... Still here for now
Bump. Trades offers welcome

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