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Hi DFS, Thank you for looking. Paypal/CONUS only. Please feel free to send questions.

1. Soap lot - $38 shipped SOLD

Shannon Soaps - Indigo Oud
Used 2x
Retail $18
Noble Otter - Monarch
Used 10x
Retail $16
Hub City - Morning Hike
Used 3x
Retail $18
Zingari Man - The Explorer
75% remaining
Retail $21

[Image: lRJ8BvD.jpg]

2. Black Eagle 25 Exclusive Badger in Feathers resin with yellow lettering - $125 shipped SOLD
I do not have the retail price but I paid $185.
Still have the box

[Image: 52mcEiZ.jpg]

[Image: PaTigOJ.jpg][Image: iczhrLq.jpg]

3. Leonidam 28mm HD Gel - $85 [font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif][font=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]SOLD[/font][/font]
I believe I paid $110.
[Image: 86aEw0U.jpg][Image: CPC3ePb.jpg]

[Image: 0d3C5kD.jpg][Image: Kr2m3YJ.jpg]

4. Paladin Zephyr in Neptune, 28 mm - $140 SOLD
With tube
Retail $250

[Image: k7yCpWZ.jpg]

[Image: 0hTaupl.jpg][Image: 7OxDr7H.jpg]

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