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The den clearance continues.  Included in this lot are:

Barrister & Mann:
Cheshire Soap (used twice)
Cheshire After Shave (Kyovu) (used once)
Beaudelaire Black Label (discontinued) (used twice with original $28.95 price label still on bottom)

Cold River Soap Works
Lavender (used twice)
Fougere Moderne (used twice)

$60 50 shipped to anywhere in the US via Priority Mail.  Please mention Lot #2 in any PM.

[Image: 6U9ozuJ.jpg]
What a Great deal!!!! GLWTS!!

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The Dude Abides
Only price drop, this is now half price not counting the shipping I paid. Plus I am paying a good chunk to ship this back out via Priority Mail.

This is it. Get it before it's gone.
Did u not get my payment

The Dude Abides
(09-05-2015, 11:57 PM)StaySmoothShaving Wrote: Did u not get my payment

Payment was received and my wife shipped it out Saturday evening via Priority Mail.

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