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I am trimming the brush lineup to about four or five favorites. Here are two really sweet Simpsons brushes you might like, especially if you fancy smaller knots. I think I’ve lathered with each less than a dozen times. The price includes U.S. shipping. PayPal is fine. No trades, please. 

Simpsons Emperor 3 comes only in super badger. With a 21/51mm knot, it’s a delightful little brush with a long handles. New, the brush is priced around $145. Your price is $65
[Image: CgiG4b2.jpg]

Simpsons Persian 2 in super badger (20/45mm). New, the brush is priced around $166. Your price is $75
[Image: 8eedUkc.jpg]45

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I have adjusted the prices on the two Simpsons. They are priced to go.

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Great prices on two outstanding brushes. I love those handles. GLWTS.

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