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Hello all,

[Image: 2gi8I0H.jpg]

This is a little odd so I'll give you background.  I bought this Simpson CH2 Super a while back off of another BST.  It shed like crazy, so a couple of months ago I sent it back to Simpson to have it re-knotted.  It came back, and the knot is very lovely and it's as soft as a fluffy cloud.  The only thing is it seems to be more of a fan shape than my other Simpsons, which is not my preference.  It's too nice to just have sitting around so I thought I would offer it up for sale.

For reference, here it is next to another CH2 Super:
[Image: 9Qhi2Aw.jpg]

I think I originally paid $100 for it, then I paid 99.95 Euros to have it re-knotted (about $130 US).  I will sell for $110 which includes CONUS shipping.  I don't have an original box, but I have the box that it was shipped back to me from re-knotting (Red Simpson box, but no sticker on the back).  I can also provide a pic of the invoice from the re-knotting if that is of interest to you.


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