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I made collages that way numerous pictures can fit rather than just sending 3 at a time.

The red  Acrylic handled brush is a Semouge 830  Boar bristle brush. I haven't used it for about a year I have washed it out throughout the year to keep the bristles soft and conditioned. After Soaking this  Brush's bristles are Surprisingly quite soft.

Overall height 100 mm
Handle 47 mm
Loft 53 mm
Knot 23.5 mm

The clear acrylic handle brush is an Ever-ready serialized 3041.
 This was a project brush I made. I cleaned out the handle from the majority of the black glue that was in it and then ordered from Maagaurds razors  A 22 mm  Silver tip Badger knot it was $29.95 
 I epoxied it in with marine grade epoxy, I put a penny & a dime inside to get the loft I wanted.
 I polished  The Handle. Additionally, I scraped out the stamped lettering in the bottom of the handle with a needle and filled it with household White gloss paint.
 Turned out to be a nice brush. I believe I've only used it 3 times in the last year.

The reason I don't use these very often is simply because I'm trying to save on my soaps.

I still shave frequently however, I use a synthetic bristle brush from turn-n-shave. It requires a lot less soap.
Loft 48mm
Knot 22mm
Handle height 45mm

I'd like $35 Price Drop to $25 Pay Pal TYD USPSCONUS ONLY
Also going to sell the other pictured items soon.
You may or may not be interested...
 My pay pal is the same as this email.


 Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you for looking...

[Image: geUdzyJ.jpg]
[Image: J24MHSH.jpg]

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I had the same watch to be polished with case and dial also I have one with liberty. Very Cool.

Nice Brushes

Alan H

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PRICE DROP I so hope some one can use these or at least the one everready I refurbished.. all funds go towards something to put under the tree.. Thanks for looking..
Merry Christmas..
... trust in the Lord with all your heart....
Price drop to $25 I really could use the Christmas money. Somebody out there must need a conveniently sized travel brush in silver tip Badger..
Thanks for looking..
... trust in the Lord with all your heart....

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