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Selling this only as one entire lot......

1) KARVE Aluminum Razor - 3.25" handle - w/B, C, and D solid bar plates, razor was only used once (and I used the C plate) ... I have cleaned it up after using it
2) LANCASTER RAZOR WORKS - Black Sheep shaving towel - WHITE - NIP and never used
3) PAA - Cavendish shave soap (used 2-3 times, not CK-6 formula) - I scrape soap out of the container and lather in a bowl ... no brush has touched this soap
4) MAGGARDS - 22mm B&W Synthetic Brush - used less than 10 times
5) OSMA - Alum Block - NEW/UNUSED

$190.00 shipped to US only - I may open it up to CANADA, but shipping would run more and I'm not sure if USPS shipments are delayed during these times.

Here are the pictures.....

[Image: a3298d3a081051cb7063809e1c955023.jpg][Image: 64bf6cf305a287f1ebf014188f795345.jpg][Image: 6c77dd26e1f59a1318fa7f35867db573.jpg][Image: ce8824495f9d584c786b240778ff7c96.jpg][Image: 4153a9dc3f397cce20f889ffc5ac5dd1.jpg][Image: 9e7503c873972502fc7760e7c121a1e5.jpg]

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The Karve looks amazing!  GLWTS!

Lot has been SOLD

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