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Take everything pictured for $89 shipped to the USA. Everything is in excellent condition

The Shavemac is Pure badger (sells for$85 plus shipping new/direct

The Shave Synthetic Revolution is 24mm and sells for $15 new/direct

The Merkur Futur is an amazing adjustable razor and sells for $89 new from Maggards.

[Image: 115b87ca7d89f1c8cec4737efce39000.jpg]

[Image: 08a9068175b39e14628abdfc7fb232c4.jpg]

[Image: 5d8cabc0d8bc8389f0294504ecb8fe70.jpg]

[Image: 1999a13368c80bb60ffd4d0c8d6682c3.jpg]

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Price drop to $89 shipped!

Happy 4th everyone Smile

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
Another wonderful starter set. GLWTS!

[Image: pi74hcY.gif]

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