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FS : Seygus Golden brass closed comb razor.

Let me set the record straight since somebody tried to ruin this sale on another shaving forum: this model/style is NOT longer available for sale.I talked to Gustavo (Seygus) around 10 minutes ago and other model (with my respect , not as elegant as this) is for sale but only for members (more than 300 messages and on the forum and more than 3 months as a member there).Ill post a pic of the razor that is for sale at Seygus but only available to long term members there.

So , this is an exclusive model made for foroafeitado , and only 26 of these were made.Yes , is that exclusive.

The razor weight is 4.4 oz and 3.5 inches lenght.

Artisan made in Spain.

Asking 125 dollars for it.Of course , shipping included on price.Paypal and CONUS only

The money will go straight to help a good friend of mine , as I have been directing the money of my latest sales.

If you have any more questions , please ask me.

Thanks for looking.

This is the model Im selling no longer in production :

[Image: IMG_1623_zps9xq332ye.jpg]

And this is the one being sold , only to long time members :

[Image: IMG_1624_zpsb8hbtnkm.jpg]
Sorry , corrected price.Its a 125 dollars.

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