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Ok so I love this razor but I just dont reach for it very much anymore and I'm really interested in getting ether a Mongoose or Wolfman ... so its time for this one to find a new home. What we have here is a 2014 Above the Tie razor with the H1 & R1 plates and a Colossus handle, I'm looking for $200 +shipping or if you have a Mogoose or Wolfman (I would be ok with head only for these) PM me and we can see what kind of deal we can work out.

[Image: 4X-rk7Wo94M256UrtZawlZUFMma3Fr8jnD0JVjxW...64-h998-no]

[Image: UklJ3urzADs8hgapEZBxxUaeIoJ9Sn71wgaDrV63...64-h998-no]

[Image: Awz6BRQHbye0lIWnPtlQ_N6obh5xiXgj1oVuxsFN...4-h1073-no]

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