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Clearing out some razors that aren't getting used to fund some other purchases. Payment by PayPal G&S. Price inclusive of US shipping, international shipping on a case by case basis. Please contact for cost based on location. 

1. Rocnel Sailor 2021 Edition - $425 REDUCED to $350 SOLD - Retail was $450. Used maybe once or twice. Comes with the presentation box. One of the classiest presentations in the Sailor series. Serial No 47. 

[Image: lww0p38.jpeg]
[Image: NuILKdA.jpeg]

[Image: dpczGxY.jpeg]

2. Asylum RX - $75 SOLD - Dont recall retail when I bought this, looks like currently going for $150. Used once or twice. 
 [Image: 0kM4KdJ.jpeg]

3. Blackbird Osprey - $275 REDUCED TO $250 SOLD - Retail is $350. Never used, so like new.  

[Image: huqS2hp.jpeg]

4. Rex Ambassador - $175 SOLD - Currently retail is $295. Used maybe once or twice. Serial number is 0168M3. 

[Image: nw6qhu9.jpeg]

[Image: SkOTUTM.jpeg]

5. Merkur Futur - $45 - REDUCED TO $30 SOLD Retail $79. Matte silver finish. Used once or twice. 

[Image: l3vo8K8.jpeg]

6. Phoenix Shaving Pair of Bakelites - $40 SOLD - Open comb and Slant. Boxes switched in second photo. Never used. Like new condition. 
 [Image: e3HoUSH.jpeg]

[Image: uTYZ09o.jpeg]

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Bump with first, last, and only price reductions.

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I'll take the Merkur Futur if it's still available. PM incoming.

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Paid for Osprey.
(05-15-2024, 03:58 PM)fadeev Wrote: Paid for Osprey.

This kind of comment should be on PM

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Thanks to keto!  Next time I will keep in mind that the message must be written in a personal mail.
All done here. Thanks to buyers and DFS.

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