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Selling my 2021 Sailor MC in quite excellent condition, as you dan see.  This is one fabulous razor, of course; lots of folks consider it the best of the best.  Mine is just not getting sufficient use, and I’ve something else to put the money towards.  This comes with the stand (which is amazing) and has the gold ring.  New, the MC 2023 without the ring is $1,050 (€950), plus shipping.  With the gold ring it is a whopping $2,100 (€1,900) (does anyone even buy those?).  I’ll price this to sell at $650 $610 (price dropped because I'm impatient; I think $610 is a fantastic price).  I'm including CONUS shipping. If you’re abroad, I’ll figure out the difference.  Thanks.  I 

[Image: OMLKehJ.jpg]
[Image: MvL3YYH.jpg]
[Image: yWsTHEr.jpg]
[Image: 2qJzE0A.jpg][Image: qLl22cv.jpg]
[Image: 31nSR1i.jpg]
[Image: baEoXue.jpg]

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Price drop bump.

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Amazing razor. This is a steal.

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