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This razor has been used about 5 times; it just never made it in my rotation.  Cool concept though and want to share at half the cost I paid.  This is the second version with the polished head.  

I'm selling it for $45 and includes shipping within the US. Payment via PayPal.

Actual pictures are below:

[Image: CbfsWeY.jpg]

[Image: FdHPHes.jpg]

[Image: jejv1Kl.jpg]

From the Rockwell Razor site:

The Rockwell 6S is an update to the classic razor with a set of adjustable plates. The six different sizes represent slight adjustments in the angle at which the razor blade cuts facial hair. Size 1 is the smallest, and is perfect for men with fine hair or shorter stubble, while size 6 is the largest and is perfect for men with thick, curly facial hair. Or you may find your perfect shave somewhere in between. The Rockwell 6S includes all 6 sizes on 3 flippable plates so you can discover your perfect shave. By using the Rockwell 6S with double-edge blades rather than a cartridge razor you'll be saving hundreds of dollars each year!

The Rockwell 6S comes with different six sizes, perfect for different facial hair and skin types using different soaps and shaving gear, whether you shave in the shower or at your sink.

Finding your perfect shave means no irritation and no tugging, using the patent-pending adjustability of the Rockwell 6S paired with affordable double-edge blades.
The founders of Rockwell Razors, Morgan and Gareth, met in 2013 at our university's business plan pitch competition. They were both interested in designing products that create value in unexpected spaces, and we were both passionate about classic shaving. They set out to manufacture a razor that would make classic shaving accessible to anyone, and one year later, Rockwell Razors was born. They worked with expert engineers and American manufacturing facilities to guarantee a high quality, locally made product. The Rockwell 6S is manufactured from marine-grade stainless steel instead of brass or plastic, so it can stand up to generations of use. Thousands of men have already found their perfect shave using the Rockwell 6S.

Updated to SOLD.
I'd like to see you post your review/thoughts of it here on DFS. Enjoy!

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